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#1 – FRDM-K64F

The FRDM-K64F is a development board for the Kinetis K64. Freescale had the great idea to not only make the platform compatible with the ARM mbed platform, but also to provide a board that is compatible with Arduino shields.
Since a few months, you can also install a Java ME embedded firmware on the FRDM-K64F, turning it into what is probably the cheapest Java development board on the market.

#2 – SeeedStudio Grove system

"It seems that perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away."
The Grove platform from SeeedStudio does just that. Their simple yet very smart connectors have become the standard platform for connecting IoT sensors. There is a huge list of sensors and actuators using the Grove standard connector, and you can literally hook Grove devices to anything, from Arduino to Raspberry Pi to Beaglebones thanks to the many shields available on the market.

#3 – Raspberry Pi Model A+ and B+

The Raspberry Pi Foundation really is doing a great job at keeping its very popular platform up-to-date. Every year, we get great upgrades to the existing models.
This year, the model A+ brings the Pi's price tag under $20, with a much smaller form factor, and 30% less power-consumption than its predecessor. The B+ is a model B on steroids: more USB ports, more GPIO headers, and again a power-consumption that dropped by 40%!

#4 – Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchPad

A powerful Cortex-M4 micro-controller, a WiFi module, a very complete IP stack (DNS, mDNS, SSL-TLS with hardware crypto support, ...), and tons of examples: I really liked the CC3200 user-experience. The only downside is that I had to switch to Windows to use Code Composer Studio, but if you want to use Energia you can have a cross-platform IDE and a programming model very close to Arduino.

#5 – Advanticsys XM1000

I really wanted a nice and simple platform to experiment with wireless sensor networks, 6LoWPAN and CoAP. It turns out the XM1000 is a great platform (and so is the CM5000), that comes with support for both Contiki and TinyOS. The MSP430F2618 processor brings 116K of Flash and 8K of RAM to the table, which is actually pretty decent for most use cases. The external 1MB of Flash is also a nice-to-have if you want to store sensor data locally.

#6 – ESP8266

A $5 WiFi programmable module? Hell, yeah! Several alternative firmwares have popped up over the last few weeks (including a Lua-based one), but the most interesting one is probably the beta version of the FreeRTOS-based SDK.

#7 – Espruino Pico

Javascript on a USB stick, for just £15!
The first version of the Espruino was already an impressive piece of engineering, fitting a full Javascript interpreter in 256K of Flash, and 48K of RAM. The event-driven programming model is really nice, and makes power management completely transparent.

#8 – Spark Core

A super-tiny Cortex M3, that can do WiFi and that allows out of the box to be remotely programmed. Pretty cool, eh? You can indeed program the board either from an online IDE, or from a desktop IDE based on the Atom editor. The Spark Core blueprints are available under a Creative Commons license and the firmware and CoAP-based communication stack are open source too (LGPL).

#9 – CryptoCape

2014 has seen significant progress in the domain of security for the Internet of Things (look at IETF efforts to optimize DTLS for IoT, for example), and I certainly expect more in 2015.
With the Cryptocape, one can easily get hardware support for many cryptographic functions (Elliptic curves, AES, RSA, SHA-2, ...). The downside is that the complete datasheets of some of the modules included in the cape are only available under NDA

#10 – Rapiro

Last but not least, although a bit expensive, the Rapiro is a great platform for people interested in re-thinking the human-computer interactions. It's an open-hardware robot that is powered by an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. Attach a Wi-Fi dongle to the Raspberry Pi and you have a wireless IoT robot that you can control using MQTT
This topic is just like debating that who is greatest — Jesus or Muhammad? Both of them have their respective specifications and they can’t be equated with each other. In an attempt to focus some greatest souls across the world, TopYaps lists top 10 famous people, better known for their unparalleled contribution in changing the course of world, the course of history.

10. Bill Gates:

Bill Gates created his first computer program while still at high school, co-founded Microsoft in 1977, and by 1993 was the richest man on Earth. In 2000 Gates and his wife formed the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, which is the largest charity in the world. One of its aim is to exempt the Third World of polio and other deadly diseases.

9. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Martin Luther King was a Baptist minister who campaigned against the segregation of blacks in the Southern states of the United States. He was influenced by Gandhi and believed in peaceful protest. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. King was assassinated in 1968, but will always be remembered for his dignified, passive resistance to an unjust society.

8. Nelson Mandela:

Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to the fight against apartheid – a policy which kept black and white South Africans apart and denied black citizens the vote. He was imprisoned in 1964 for his aggressive opposition to South Africa’s racist government and was held for 26 years. In 1990, after his release, Mandela was elected President of the African National Congress. In 1993 he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end apartheid.

7. Adolf Hitler:

Adolf Hitler was Germany’s leader from 1933 – 1945, during time which he led the world into the most devastating war in history. Hitler’s hatred of Jewish people and his desire for a blue-eyed, blond-haired master race led to the murder of six million people during World War II; most died in concentration camp in Eastern Europe.

6. Albert Einstein:

Einstein was one of the greatest of all physicists and his name has become a symbol of genius. When his most famous work, the General Theory Of Relativity was proven in 1919, Einstein became the most celebrated scientist in the world and he won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921. Einstein was a firm believer in pacifism but his scientific theories helped his adopted country, the USA, to develop the atomic bomb. A week before he died Einstein wrote to Bertrand Russell, a British Philosopher and leading antinuclear campaigner, asking to put his name to a manifesto urging all countries to give up their nuclear weapons.

5. Mahatma Gandhi:

Gandhi began his career as a lawyer but became a great political and spiritual leader. He led the peaceful civil disobedience of Indians against British rule in India and negotiated with the British Government until 1947, when India was granted independence. Gandhi became the first icon of a people’s struggleagains oppression. His simple lifestyle and his belief in religious tolerance have made him a symbol of decency and peace ever since.

4. Karl Marx:

Karl Marx’s ideas on economic history and sociology changed the world. Marx was a social philosopher who attacked the state and predicted a future in which everyone was equal. He explained his theories in the Communist Manifesto (compiled with Friedrich Engels and published in 1848) and Das Kapital (1867 – 94). His ideas eventually led to the Russian Revolution and communism. By 1950 almost half of the world’s people lived under communist regimes.

3. Charles Darwin:

Naturalist Charles Darwin established the theory of evolution. He began forming his ideas when he served as official naturalist on a world voyage on HMS Beagle (1831 – 36) and spent the rest of his life back in England developing them. When his famous book The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selections was published in 1859, there were violent reactions against it. Darwin challenged the Bible’s account of creation and explained that human being are descended from an ape-like ancestor. Another English naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace, independently developed very similar ideas at the same time as Darwin.

2. William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare is generally agreed to be the greatest play writer in the English language. He began as an actor and wrote atleast 154 love poems and 37 plays, includingHamlet, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. Shakespeare also probably introduced more than 1,700 new words to the English Language.

1. Christopher Columbus:

Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous of all explorers. He believed he could reach Asia by sailing west across the Atlantic Ocean and in 1492 he set sail in the Santa Maria to prove his theory. Instead, he landed on the islandsnow known as the West Indies. His discoveries led to the European explorations and settlement of the Americas.

In this article i want to discuss about what is engineering needs and which laptop is suitable for these desires.As a electrical and electronics engineer, i want to get informations about my programs which i am using oftenly.

I think every engineer has different desires while choosing their own laptops but lets discuss about my choices.

1. Really great processor.

Novadays there are 4th generation intel processors in the market and i want to buy i7 one which is 2,5Ghz and has 6Mb cache.I think its the time to  have one :)

2.High capacity ram:

Many years my computer had 8Gb Ram  at most.Now i want to go one step furter and have 16Gb RAM set.So my visualisation and design programs desires much more ram capacity and sometimes its really hard to work with them together.

3.High capacity Harddisk

In this point i will be realistic so maybe this is the most important part.So many times my harddrive just broken while i was in business trip and this time i want to have 2 or 3 harddrive in same place.Also for engineers its another problem to make a backup and most of time removable harddrives are not solution for us.Novadays TB harddiscs are really populer and i will have one too.Besides my 1 TB harddisc, i will get 1 SSD.

4.Graphic Card:

Even i not a good gamer but i need a quality one.Engineering programs like AutoCad,Solidworks needs much more graphical resources to make their own job.Also if you made a detail model by using them its reall hard to render them.Maybe you have a work station :) but i dont. There are two solutions.

a. You need a quadcore graphic card which work stations usually include
b. I need to :) at least DDR5 128bits graphic card to make my job :)

5. Which brand:

Actually im not obsessed about brand so i already had so many brands (Dell,lenovo,sony,packard bell,asus,toshiba,acer,hp) and i know each one's advantages and disadvantages.This time i will put myself in a different advanture i think :)

Here my short list about laptops.

First one Asus,which made by quality materials and has good looking design


İşlemci MarkasıIntel
İşlemci Modeli4. Nesil Intel® Core i7-4700HQ Dört Çekirdekli işlemci
İşlemci TipiIntel Core i7
İşlemci Hızıi7-4700HQ - 2.4 GHz Turbo Boost ile 3.4 GHz'e kadar
İşlemci Cache6 MB
Ekran Boyutu15.6
Ekran TipiFull HD
Ekran Çözünürlüğü1920x1080
Ekran KartıNvidia
Ekran Kartı Belleği4GB Paylaşımsız
Grafik İşlemcisiNvidia Geforce GTX850M 128Bit
Sistem Belleği16GB
Bellek TipiDDR3
Max Bellek16 GB
Disk Kapasitesi1.5 TB
Disk Hızı5400 RPM
Optik SürücüBlu-ray sürücü (RW)
Usb Portu3 x USB 3.0
Video PortuMini DisplayPort
KlavyeNumerik Q TR Arka Aydınlatmalı
HoparlörDahili Stereo Hoparlörler
Kart Okuyucu2-in-1
Kamerahd kamera
TouchpadÇok Fonksiyonlu Touch Pad
İşletim Sistemi (Yazılım)Windows 8.1
Pil Teknolojisi4-cell Li-lon Pil
Notebook Ağırlığı2.30 Kg
Garanti Süresi24 Ay Resmi Asus Servisi
Üretim Yılı2014
2. sırada son yıllarda gerçektende şaşırtıcı derecede fiyat performans odaklı ürünler üreten Lenovo var


İşlemci Özellikleri
İşlemci Ön Bellek6 MB
İşlemci MarkasıIntelBilgi
İşlemci TeknolojisiCore i7
İşlemci Hızı2.5 GHz Turbo İle 3.5 GHz
İşlemci Numarası4710HQ
Ram Özellikleri
RAM Kapasitesi16 GB
Ekran Özellikleri
Ekran Boyu15.6 inch
Ekran kartı
Ekran Kartı TipiPaylaşımsız
Ekran Kartı MarkasıNVIDIABilgi
Ekran Kartı Hafızası4 GB
HDD Özellikleri
Disk Kapasitesi1 TB SSHDBilgi
Disk TürüSATA
Grafik Kart
Ekran Kartı ChipsetiGTX860M DDR5
Hafıza Bus Hızı
1600 MHzVar
Optik SürücüHarici DVD±RW
Çözünürlük1920 x 1080
Bağlantı Özellikleri
İşletim SistemiWindows 8.1
Multimedya Özellikler
Monitör Tipi
Full HDVar
3. sırada ise benimde içinde sürpriz olan ve bir maceraya atılma isteği uyandıran Monster var


İşlemci Mimarisi4.Nesil Haswell
İşlemci SerisiIntel® Core™ i7
İşlemci Kod AdıIntel® Core™ i7-4710MQ 4-Cores; 6MB L3; 2.50GHz > 3.50GHz; 47W; 22nm
ChipsetIntel® HM87 Express Chipset
VGA Belleği2GB
VGA Bellek Veri Yolu128-Bit
VGA2GB GDDR5 nVIDIA® GeForce® GTX860M 128-Bit DX11.2
Çözünürlük1920 x 1080
Ekran Boyutu15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 Mat LED Ekran
Sabit Disk TürüSATA
Sabit Disk Kapasitesi750GB
Bellek16GB (2x8GB) DDR3L 1.35V 1600MHz SODIMM
1.inci mSATA SSD256GB kingston
1.inci 2.5" HDD750GB Western Digital Scorpio Black 9.5mm 7200RPM HDD SATA-3
2.inci 2.5" HDDMevcut Değil
Optik Sürücü8x Super Multi DVD-RW / CD-RW Combo Sürücü
İşletim SistemiFreeDos
KlavyeArkadan Aydınlatmalı Klavye (Türkçe Q)
Klavye Ek ÖzellikleriAyrık Numerik Tuşlu Klavye Yapısı
TouchpadKaydırma ve Çoklu Hareket Algılama Özellikli Touchpad
KameraHD Kamera
Kablosuz Ağ2-in-1; 802.11n Wi-Fi kablosuz ağ; IEEE 802.11a/b/g uyumlu Bluetooth 4.0 kablosuz iletişim teknolojisi
HoperlörEntegre 2 Adet Hoparlör
Hoperlör SistemiONKYO Hoparlör
Ses SistemiSOUND BLASTER™ Cinema
Ses ÖzelliğiHigh Definition (HD) Ses
RAID DesteğiVar
3D DesteğiYok
Dokunmatik Tuş FonksiyonuYok
Numerik Tuş TakımıVar
Parmak İzi OkuyucuVar
Dahili Kart OkuyucuVar
Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 PortuVar
Killer Ethernet RJ45 PortuYok
USB 2.0 Portu1 Adet
USB 3.0 Portu3 Adet
Thunderbolt PortuYok
Thunderbolt 2 PortuYok
eSATA PortuVar
FireWire PortuYok
HDMI PortuVar
DVI PortuYok
VGA PortuVar
Display PortuYok
Mini Display PortuYok
Kulaklık / Speaker ÇıkışıVar
Mikrofon GirişiVar
S/PDIF Dijital ÇıkışıVar
Line In GirişiYok
Dahili BluetoothVar
Dahili MikrofonVar
Aydınlatmalı KlavyeVar
Uçuş ModuVar
Ekran Kartı Değiştirilebilir mi?Hayır
Boyutlar374 (W) x 250 (D) x 16.7~43.1 (H) mm
Ağırlık2.7Kg (ODD ve 76,96WH Pil Dahil)
AdaptörFull Range AC Adapter 120W - 19.5V / 6.15A
BataryaÇıkarılabilir 8 Hücreli Lithium-Ion Pil (76.96WH)
Pil ÖmrüPil Ömrü: 350 Dakika (UMA modunda)
Garanti Süresi2 YIL

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